How To Capture Essential Moments At Weddings

April 5, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Webber Technologies can help you capture all of the memories from your wedding day.

Webber Technologies recognizes the sentimental value of a complete and thorough wedding album. Being present to capture every essential moment is a specific process that requires an understanding of many particular techniques. Whether you’re a hired photographer or an attendee looking to create some photo magic, we’ve got you covered with the best practices below.

Look for opportunities to capture intimate emotions.

Being around for moments that inspire shared emotions between members of the wedding party and capturing their interactions produces great material. Pay close attention to the countenances of groomsmen and bridesmaids at crucial moments such as the father giving the bride away, or the groom chatting with his best man on the altar as his bride is walking down the aisle. At the reception, make sure you’re within range of the table where the toast is taking place so you can snap photos as each glass is being raised, or capture a smile the speech gave to a guest. Ultimately, try to focus on how guests and members of the wedding party are reacting to the festivities and with each other.

Focus on taking candid photos.

Don’t disrupt a conversation or try to stage a scene for a photo. Instead, observe from afar and take photos without other guests noticing you. Stay mobile and circle around the venue to find angles and opportunities to take lively photographs. Moments are more important than arranging a specific composition. Focus on capturing motion and the essence of the occasion.

Time your photos.

Make sure you take a photo at the right moment. For example, capturing the laugh makes a better photograph than capturing someone listening to the joke it before the climax. Capturing emotions make for great wedding photos and accurately depict the magic of the day. Movement and emotion are everything when you’re looking to take meaningful photos that will last a lifetime.

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